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Finance Seller & Finance Buyer

Instruct An Agent

Call Midnight for expert advice and valuation, naturally! Our Consultants are trained to provide guidance regarding how to best present your property, and will always reply with honest, constructive feedback from the market – ensuring you are armed with all you need to secure a swift sale.



Accept An Offer

Once a Buyer is identified, Midnight will manage the offer process to ensure you secure the best possible deal.

Sign Contract

Both parties sign a legally binding contract, an Agreement Of Sale (also known as an MOU – Memorandum of Understanding). A 10% deposit is paid to Midnight Properties LLC, held in trust on your behalf.




The Buyer’s bank will instruct a valuation which is completed by one of their registered surveyors. Valuations are designed to ensure the property you’re selling is worth the amount you have agreed to sell it for, and that it is structurally sound – obviously it is, isn’t it?

Mortgage Offer

Upon a satisfactory valuation, the next step is for the Buyer’s bank to formally issue a mortgage on the property. Your money is now being prepared…



Seller Applies For Liability Letter

You will need to request your bank to provide the exact amount owing to them. This process typically takes approximately a week and has a shelf life of circa 14 days from date of issuance. This letter typically costs circa AED1000

Bank To Bank Payment

Your liability letter will be forwarded to the Buyer’s bank, which coordinates to meet and pay down your loan. The Buyer’s bank sends a representative with a physical Managers cheque (cleared funds) for your mortgage amount. The settlement process typically takes a week, after which, the ownership documents are released to the Buyer’s bank – which are required for the next step in the process. Congratulations! You are now mortgage free (Hoorah!, again!)



Obtain NOC

Both Buyer and Seller apply for a No Objection Certificate, both must be present (or their appointed Power Of Attorney). This process confirms the you have no outstanding debt on the property. Typically, the Seller pays the service maintenance fees owed for the whole calendar year, subsequently reimbursed pro-rata by Buyer on Transfer. The NOC is applied for in the developer's office and takes approximately a week to be returned. Seller is responsible for paying the AED1,000 fee (Nakheel); or the AED1,500 – AED5,000 fee (Emaar – regular or express). In addition, Buyer pays AED5,000 refundable bond, this in repaid once copy of title deed in name of Buyer is registered with the developer.

Transfer Property

The property is transferred into the Buyer's name. This process is completed in the Dubai Land Department (DLD), or one of it's appointed transfer centres. All payments are made in cleared funds, (Manager Cheques) and the Title Deed confirming the Buyer as the recognized owner is issued immediately. Unless negotiated differently, your Buyer is responsible for DLD fees; 4% of purchase price + 315 admin fee + AED4000 transfer centre fee.




It's time to determine what you're going to spend your hard-earned money on. Alternatively, contact Midnight to identify the next opportunity to increase those savings..


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