Why not boost your rental yeild by inflated short term rates?

Dubai is constantly changing. Practices that were normal 12 months ago can often become a thing of the past. Paying rent up front for the year is long gone. Monthly rent is becoming more and more popular in the rental market and it wont be long before it is considered the only way to rent.

Now during such challenging and uncertain times, a lot of tenants are looking for no commitment options giving them the flexibility to downgrade, upgrade or leave completely should their situation change. We have seen a huge increase in enquiries for monthly short term rental contracts this year.

Do not fall behind the times, dont let your competitors reap the huge short term rental yeilds leaving the distressed (lowball) offers for you. Most landlords see their rentals increase over 40% of the standard market rates.. Call one of our agents now to find out exactly how much you can increase your profitability on your rental income.

Midnight Properties will also furnish and upgrade your properties if required to make them stand out above the rest and boost those offers and rental rates.

My apartment was on the market with another agency for 3 months, I lost so much potential rent. Midnight Properties offered me a short term rental package that made the wait highly lucrative. A first for the Dubai Market.

Review - Sunil

The majority of our investors are taking advantage of Midnight's short term rental packages. We are one of the very few real estate agencies licenced to do both!

Property owners are also taking advantage of our short term rental packages whilst they are selling their properties. It is extremely difficult to sell a rented property. A lot of landlords will leave a property vacant for over 3 months just to ensure they get the right offers. Midnight Properties provide a solution to that lost income.

Midnight Properties will market the property for sale, and list it with our short term rental portals to ensure you are earning rent whilst your property is waiting to be sold.

In selected areas and prime properties, Midnight will even become your registered tenant and pay you guarenteed rent (whether the apartment is occupied or not!)

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Main Benifits

Midnight Properties can offer our tenants short term options as well as long term. This means we have many more leads and enquiries to secure the right price for you.

By utilising our Short Term Rentals division, we can manage your new investment and create much higher income compared to the long term rental market.

Midnight has become famous for its upgrading & funishing packages offered to all our our clients. We have created a turn key solution to remove the stress of funishing your new home. Although it is completely optional, a lot of clients have opted to modernise there new investments or homes using our services.

What Midnight Can Provide For You

We differ from the rest. These are just some of the added values that you can expect from Midnight.

Flexible Leasing Terms

Long gone are the days where you need to pay for the entire year up front, we can offer much more flexibility.

Property Enhancments

In such compeititve times, let us help you make your property stand out. Your turnaround & Sales value will improve hugely.

Support 24/7

Most of our competitors close their doors at 6pm, we work around our clients any time of the day or year.

Added revenue streams

Landlords can expect a rental return even whilst their properties are on the market and previous tenants have vacated.